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Flight Info....
As usual the East Coast Dogs will be flying the "Friendly Skys"
United's perspective as of Winter 2010
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We will all meet at the Rookie Meister's home between 10:45A and 11:00A.  Breakfasting on Bloody Marys and leaving for Dulles by 11:45A!!!!  Increased security requires at least a 11:45P departure from RMs.
Ski Dog Home Page
Warning: Subject to change....
Ski Dog Flight Info 2003
Aspen 2010
Ski Dog Flight Info 2004
Ski Dog Flight Info 2006 recommends bringing your own food!!!!!!!
Ski Dog Flight Info 2005
United   395
United   941
United   6754

United   6750
United   598
United   7455
Mar 13      2:37P
Mar 13      4:59P
Mar 13      8:15P

Mar 20     9:35A
Mar 20     1:34P
Mar 20     5:52P
Leave Dulles
Leave Chicago
Leave Denver

Leave Aspen
Leave Denver
Leave Kansas C
Mar 13      3:55P
Mar 13      6:40P
Mar 13      9:00P

Mar 20      10:25A
Mar 20        4:08P
Mar 20        9:16P
Arrive Chicago
Arrive Denver
Arrive Aspen

Arrive Denver
Arrive Kansas C
Arrive Dulles
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Ski Dog Flight Info 2006
Ski Dog Flight Info 2006
Ski Dog Flight Info 2006