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Could it get any better than this......
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A Ski Dog at Sea Level

Dog of the Day
Training Tip..........Note to self, don't forget to lose a few pounds before "hitting" the slopes.
Never has a Ski Dog been able to keep skiis this close together.  This "Dog of the Day" is an inspiration to us all!
The Same Ski Dog at 12,000 feet
This is not some phony Life Style Lift retouched photo. This is real and it is scary!
The Ski Dogs Aspen 2013 trip is rapidly approaching, it is the new year and there is not much time for work outs, getting in shape, and improving endurance!!!!  It is easy to underestimate the effects of being "at altitude" and every moment of preparation and training is crucial to stave off the deliterious effects of the "high" country.  .It is easy to underestimate how tough it can be without preparation when one tries to live and exercise at between 9,000 & 12,000 feet.  Often folks only talk about the effects of altitude, but let's face it.....It's hard to relate unless you have experienced the phenominon of high altitude, personally.  So for the uninitiated and unfamiliar last year the effects of altitude on the Dogs were captured on film.  Check out below the "at sea level" status vs. the the "at altitude" status of one of our esteemed Dogs!!!!!!  It ain't purddy.........
So what can be done?  While level 72 for 90 minutes on a life cycle or running 10 miles in 90 minutes may be the connotation of "getting in shape", the Dogs have learned through "hard knocks" dealing with a strenuous physical endeavor is much more readily accomplished via pacing oneself as opposed to actually having endurance.  We know a 2 hour lunch on the slopes is the way to manage altitude and strenuous activity.  However the challenge with our busy multi-tasking life styles is getting in shape for these rejuvenating "paced" meals.  Thank God for technology, enter the "HAPIfork".
An important part of a healthy lifestyle is healthy eating habits. The HAPIfork can help you monitor  and change the way you eat by giving you an alert if you're eating too fast. HAPIfork also measures the length of your meal, the time of day you start your meal and the number of forkfuls per meal. If you're looking for a tool to help with portion control, HAPIfork is the ultimate gadget. 

The Dogs already familiar with the "Happy Glass" should have no problem picking up the nuances of the HAPIfork.  So in the interest of preparing for the arduous high altitude in Aspen
HAPIforking to all of you!!!!

A close up of the HAPIfork.

A "HAPIforker"!