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Could it get any better than this......

Flight Info....
As usual the East Coast Dogs will be flying the "Friendly Skys"
United 0435Mar 15  02:15PLeave Dulles  Mar 15   03:58PArrive Denver
United 5679Mar 15  05:30PLeave DenverMar 15  06:15P Arrive Aspen

United 5672Mar 22  10:45ALeave Aspen  Mar 22  11:30AArrive Denver
United 1250Mar 22  12:40PLeave DenverMar 22  05:43P Arrive Dulles
United's perspective, pre-bankruptcy, as of December 5, 2002
Ski Dog Trip Info
We will all meet at the Rookie Meiser's home between 10:30A and 11:00A.  Lunching on Bloody Marys and leaving for Dulles by 11:30A!!!!
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