Ski Dogs
That most unfortunate of Coifures, "The Mullet"
'The Mullet Haircut (Mulletus shitueous hairus)'
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The Mullet, Continued
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Oh boy! A guy wearing a mullet wig and some silly clothes. And he's even giving the "devils horns" hand signal.


All of these great Mullets are from the site below....Mullets Galore.  It is one of the top mullet sites on the WEB.  Don't forget to check out the MOTW section!!!!!!!
If I stick it out with the mullet experiment, maybe ... just maybe...
Bird is the Word!.
Checkout MOTW!!!!
This site even gives a Mulletude!
Well if you don't got can get a Mullet Wig on this site!
Become the object of a Mullet Lover!!!
Get a Picture with Your Mullet Wig and Have it Rated Here!
"North Carolina Man wins top Beer Drinker Award....", this site provides Mullet Hunting support and even has Mullet Hunting contests....Fantastic!!!
Become a Mullet Hunter
Man nudges other man, points out woman with large breasts!
Yes you can find even this kind of Action at
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Enter Mullet Madness
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Click the above Mullet to go to the Ultimate Mullet site
CAUTION: Like a sort of Jekyl and Hyde, Mullet repulsion can quickly and dramatically become Mullet obsession!  Could a Mullet experiment be far behind?