Ski Dogs
That most unfortunate of Coifures, "The Mullet"
'The Mullet Haircut (Mulletus shitueous hairus)'
The style was given the name by Mark Twain because it reminded him of a fish's tail.

The Pimpley-Butt Whale Mullet comes from the same family as the blue whale and humback whale, but the migratory patterns are quite different. This species occasionally surfaces from the depths of our oceans and attempts to blend in with humans. You see, they have primal needs that can't be met in the deep sea environment below. Some of these needs include (but are not limited to): Eating as much greasy fast food as possible, assaulting us with butt crack smell in random places like elevators, driving around in really small cars, staring at children causing them to cry or have nightmares, and finally, appearing as guests on bad American talk shows (i.e. Jerry Springer) where they discuss pathetic subject matter such as "My wife likes me to bark like a dog".

Before entering back into the ocean, the Pimpley-Ass Whale Mullet likes to pop their zits on the sand in hopes of attracting a mate b4 they return to sea.

* As you can see, the Mullestache is present. (And sexy as ever)

Here we have a disturbing tragedy of miswired genetics. Mountain Mullets can get themselves all worked up and suddenly burst into a tantrum for no apparent reason and getting soaked with saliva during a fit is often the case. When this occurs you cant help but focus on the extra row of oddly shaped corrupt top teeth nestled in the high exposed gum line.  In fact he grew his mull in response to his perceived fame having been the model for the highly successful "Billy Bob Teeth" line of comedy cosmetic teeth popular with contruction workers.

This particular 'Mountain' Mullet happens to be touching his mullet. He's very proud, as well he should be. It's a nice mull...and sweater.

*Wandering eyes are common amongst this species.

Quote from this mull: "Nnghaa-ha-ha, thstop messin' hrouund, yew JERK!"

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The Mullet
These people are actually finding each other and breeding!
Business in the Front (Short), Party in the Back (Long), too hip to descibe .....
Mulletus Shitueous