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    Spring, 2014
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A Professional Division of the National Rehabilitation Association

NARL Announces the 2014 Grants for Leadership Development
by: Dr. Ralph N. Pacinelli

NARL is pleased to announce its 2014 cash grants for leadership and professional development.  Grants are awarded annually to NARL state and regional chapters in two categories:  (1) Operations – supports functions basic to the survival of the chapter such as phone, postage, printing, etc., and (2) Professional Programming – supports professional development activities such as conference expenses, speaker fees, AV equipment rental, etc.  Approved applications can earn up to $250.00 in support of Operations or Professional activities.  The Grants Application Packet is available via the menu choice above or at http://prosites-nraa.homestead.com/NARLGrants.html.  Next, double click on NARL_Grant.doc.  Completed applications may be submitted at anytime during the calendar year to Eleanor Williams, NARL president, at the address revealed in the application packet.  Questions should be sent to Dr. Ralph N. Pacinelli, Grants Committee Chair at www.RPacinelli@ComCast.net.

The National Association for Rehabilitation Leadership
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NARL 2013 Election Results are now official!!!!

Those elected are:

President:  Sharon Brown

Past President:  Russ Thelin

President Elect: Carl Sabo

Treasurer:  Eleanor Williams

Secretary:  Terry Dailey

NRA Board Rep:        Christopher Kempski

SouthEast Rep:          Allison Flanagan

NorthEast Rep:   Stephanie Prances

Mid-States Rep:  Barbara Burke

Western-Stares Rep:  Gwendolyn McCarroll

Newsletter Editor:      Carl Flowers
JRA Liaison

Committee Chairs

Awards:              Eleanor Williams

Grants:                        Ralph Pacinelli

Web Site:    Evan Jones

Election Results
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It is widely accepted that the practices and skills of leadership, supervision, and administration of rehabilitation process are vitally related to that process.  The National Association for Rehabilitation Leadership has been organized to develop, improve and strengthen practices and skills in both public and private rehabilitation organizations.  

Government Affairs
A Professional Division of the National Rehabilitation Associaition
Congratulations to the elected NARL Board Members and Committee Chairs Appointed.

Thanks to all for your service!!!!
NARL Leadership
Russ Thelin, CRC, Division Director, Utah Rehabilitation Services Director and President-Elect of NARL is chairing a NARL Participatory leadership project that will focus on reviewing the principle documents under which NARL operates and develop a renewed vision statement for NARL that addresses leadership in the year 2012 and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about the work of this committee, please contact Russ.
Participatory Leadership Project
A Great Opportunity to be Involved and Shape the Future of NARL!
CORE Proposal to 20/20

The Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) recently responded to the 20/20 delegates recommendation to endorse the concept of a single educational accreditation body. To read CORE’s letter to the delegates and proposal please click on the following link http://www.core-rehab.org/WhatsNew

The NARL Board meets monthly via teleconference to plan and conduct Association Business.

Plans for this year include: planning the pre-conference leadership training during the NRA National Training Conference in Brooklyn, New York (August 18-20, 2013), support to NARL State Units through membership efforts and the availability of Training Grants, continued publishing of the Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, articles and information published in Contemporary Rehab, continuation of the NARL Awards program including the Lorenze Award which presents a monetary award to a graduate student in Rehabilitation Administration, holding annual elections and representation of the Association (NARL) on the NRA Board of Directors and updating and redesigning the NARL web site to include additional leadership resources.

For specifics related to NARL Board activities check out the Board page above for minutes and other information.

NARL Board Meets Monthly.........
NARL - Call for Nominations

NARL is soliciting nominations for President-Elect and Board Positions....

This is a great opportunity to gain Leadership experience and/or use your Leadership skills to enhance and grow our association!!!!!!

Please consider this opportunity.

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NARL's Pre-Conference training at the NRA Chicago Conference, August 2012 was a success!  Several NARL members participated.  New NARL members also attended.


Elections........See Below!

Awards...........See Below!

NARL Participates in NRA's Government Affairs Seminar.....
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Awards 2014
(Just Updated)

NARL is seeking nominations for annual awards.  Many outstanding leaders in NRA and the field of vocational rehabilition have received a NARL award.  Consider nominating a deserving colleague to join this prestigious group!!!

Click here for more info
NARL Leadership Exchange
The NARL Board has initiated a new NARL website section (www.NARL.us) dedicated to sharing leadership information, articles, strategies, and discussion (planned for the future).  This looks like it will be an exciting opportunity for both NARL members and anyone interested in Leadership.  It is anticipated over time this section will be a rich content source for Leadership.  A first article is a reprint of the NARL, August 2003, President's Message, "Leadership Every Day - Making a Difference".  Check out the new section by clicking on the blue button or on the Leadership tab above.
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New Leadership article just added to the NARL Leadership Exchange March 2013

To Be or To Do - That is The Question

Russ Thelin
NARL President
Employment Opportunities for Leaders!
Executive Director of Delaware Association of Rehabilitation

Delaware Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (DelARF) seeks an experienced high energy
leader and facilitative communicator to lead this statewide membership association of agencies
supporting people with disabilities
Click on and download, "DelARF Position", for a posiition description and visit www.DelARF.org for more information.
Executive Director Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board
The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board is seeking an experienced, results-oriented Executive Director to provide 24/7 leadership, oversight and monitoring of the county's behavioral health treatment and community living programs and services
Click to the left to download the position profile, or click below for the Fairfax County web site with the position opening listed.  http://agency.governmentjobs.com/fairfaxcounty/default.cfm