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or simply trying to innoculate his baby against vertigo, the self proclaimed "King of Pop" didn't win any parenting points for this move.  While child advocates call for an investigation, German police say no crime was committed....  According to Mo Rocca from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"; "....The fact is that pop stars are nontraditional caregivers. You may not choose to dangle your baby out of a window, [but] Michael Jackson does. If Mariah Carey had a baby, who knows where she'd dangle it.".  Opinions abound, while Michael himself claims he regrets the move, it seems everyone has some speculation as to the motivations, irresponsibility, judgement, etc.  Of course I am no exception to claiming some sort of understanding and ability to explain this action, here's my take.....
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Michael Jackson is making headlines again after he dangled his baby boy from the fourth floor balcony of a Berlin hotel on Tuesday (11/21/02) to show him off to fans below.

"Mad Bad Dad......", "Whacko Jacko....",
Let's face it, or rather let's be honest, Michael Jackson ain't that good looking, in fact he's downright grotesque.  His face has had more cuts than the golf course at Augusta.  Just look at the brief pictorial history to  the right......His face is a tough gaze, moreover it feels good after a brief glance to just look away.  Now I'm no child rearing expert, but at least Michael had the good sense when holding the baby near to cover it's head with a towel, avoiding a close-up visual trauma, and in fact he further diverted attention from his face by having the baby contemplate a 4 story swan dive!

When Arnold Palrmer was in his prime, there was an incident where he slightly "miss teed" and with a full swing drove the ball into a spectator's stomach only a few feet away.  After the initial shock, apologies and "recovery period", the spectator actually thanked Arnold.  He claimed it was the first in 20 years his teeth hadn't hurt! 

The situation with Michael and his baby is analogus.  At least for one brief moment his baby was able to get relief from the constant trauma of Michael's appearance by simultaneously being shielded from the face and exposed to a potential 4th floor plunge.  A "left handed" sympathetic parenting move, or irresponsibility?, you decide.

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Michael's Face 2001,  "Hanging Chad" on nose, while tissue around left eye (Right in photo) has lost tension/elasticity.
Jan 2002, Purported "3rd nostril" beginning to heal over.
October 2002, Stick (lip) color and application reminiscent of nursing home ladies on a Sunday morning.
November 2002, Unique "Planet of the Apes" syle wig...Prosthetic nose pimple prominent.
Which face came first?


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