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Could it get any better than this......

Aaaanld to rename Culleefourkneeahh.....
On election night Greta Van TMJ (Susteren) interviews Tom "Bobblehead" Arnold.  Fox "No Spin" news turns to intellectual and all around wit Tom Arnold as their political expert for insight and meaning into the election of "Schwarzenegger"!  "I was with him last night as he smoked a cigar and we commented on how his first name and my last name are the same.  Neat heh?"
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Arnold muscles in on California Governorship
"I find Cauliflower much easier to say.  My first act as Governor will be to rename the State to Cauliflowia....I don't believe this will impact the State's EEE bond rating"
"The renaming can be accomplished quickly and cheaply using technology.  Folks just need to right click on the name California whenever they see it and then select the "rename" menu choice.  I figure in about a week we could accomplish the whole thing.. "
Arnold "comes out" on gay marriage.  According to Arnold "Gay marriage, it's sumting between a man and a woman".
Arnold clarifies groping accusations.  "Basically these charges are true!  The women wanted it, I could tell by looking into their eyes, you know how women are...."
It has been quipped that there may be some buried in Arlington National Cemetary that are turning in their graves.  www.SkiDogs.org is of the opinion given the above that it may be more of a "whirring" in their graves!