PRINCIPLE VII - Legal Responsibilities - Professional Rehabilitation Managers/Leaders seek to assure a continuing concern for the legal aspects of their functions, including knowledge of their legal responsibilities, of due process, and of employees' and clients rights.  In cases in which the law is clearly being violated, they will take immediate steps to recitify the error using every avenue open to them, until the matter is resolved.  They are particularly obligated to protect the confidentiality of client information and shall neither breach any confidences nor allow others under their suprvision to do so.

PRINCIPLE VIII - Accountability - Professional Rehabilitation Managers/Leaders are accountable to the public, their employing organization, client groups, and their profession.  They generate and provide credible information that discloses and illuminates how responsibilities are assigned, methods adopted to accomplish tasks, tasks executed, and outcome realized.

PRINCIPLE IX - Professional Upgrading - Professional Rehabilitation Managers/Leaders seek to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and skill in the field of rehabilitation.  They shall strive to develop their own as well as their employees' capabilities to the fullest,  They are obligated to maintain a high level of technical competence as to insure that clients receive the highest quality of services the profession is capable of offering.

PRINCIPLE X - Advocacy - Professional Rehabilitation Managers/Leaders will support individual and public efforts to advance services to persons with disabilities through legislation, personal commitment, and improved organization practices and procedures.  They will seek to promote understanding and acceptance of rehabilitation programs and of current efforts and past achievements in the field.
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