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Could it get any better than this......
Go For It!!!
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Archieve for week of 11/21/02
Christmas ain't what it used to least not for Santa....
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Yikes, Michael Jackson
Archieve for week of 11/28/02
United Stock (UAL) Drops 67% 12/5
Archieve for week of 12/9/02
And if any of you need a Christmas "Dog Wash", the franchise below is making a cleaning or is it killing.....
Ski Dogs....Yeah!
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What with email (not to mention instant messages); competition from Fed Ex, "Brown"; management theory; Acid Reflux; Sigma 7, "just-in-time" inventory; snipers; the internet; cut backs, traffic; employee morale; accountable accounting; therapy; cousin Eddy; "listening" to others; work "politics"; terrorists; WiFi; airport security; Mrs. Claus; and server "crashes", Santa's just gotta unwind.......
A Candid Shot of Santa After Overdoing a "Tension Reliever"
That's right, check out her latest antics with this new desktop "Christmas Girl".....

Simply click on the file below to download, then unzip, click on the resulting "xgirl" file and you will be celebrating the holidays with Victoria......

But Wait.....

As a bonus Victoria does her thing again in another little "snippet" included as an additional file in the above zip.  Just click on the vicxmas file and you will see her "action".

Click to the right
to get the file.......
Make sure that your sound is on!
Remember our little "Banana Girl"?  Well Victoria's back, ready to do her stuff for your Christmas Pleasure
Ski Dog Photos
Happy Holidays from!!!!!
And as an additional Holiday Bonus some photos are now posted, click on the camera for a look.....
Get the lastest Ski Dog Pics!
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Front Page Archieve From 12/25/2002
United Stock (UAL) Drops 67% 12/5