Ski Dogs
Could it get any better than this......

The Ski Dog Aspen Trip Coincides with Both War and Economic Boom!!!!!
To Be or Not To Be....
The French "Elite Guard" in their "You Insult Me" attack formation!
As war in Iraq begins, tensions heat up between France and the USA.

Meanwhile the the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a stock market indicator, has it's best week in 20 years (See Chart Below).  Apparently the Ski Dog Aspen trip is such a boon to the economy that (it has been reported) financial planners are begging the Dogs to return and even now watching the above counter anticipating next year's trip.
March 5th, throught April 4th 2003, daily chart of the Dow, the range of upward motion exceeded 1,000 points during the week of the Ski Dog Aspen Trip!
For those of you that may have some feelings about France with no outlet in sight might find some relief in the site linked to the picture on the right.  Just "click" on the Picture for immediate relief.

And finally thanks to WB for this creative use of Duck Tape to tame that friggin AFLAC duck with that irritating Gibert Godfried voice..........

(No more Vegas and Wayne Newton for You, Mr. Duck!)
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