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Kentucky Legislature Names Mullet Official State Haircut
LEXINGTON, KY--Kentucky Governor Billy Ray Stolting triumphantly signed into law today a bill that officially named the mullet as the State Haircut of Kentucky. Stolting elaborated upon his decision in an address to the media and a gathered crowd of mulleted supporters. "Mullets are dang fine haircuts," shouted Stolting as he worked the crowd, "They say business in front, party in back. Now get outta my way."
Outside political analysts are calling the move a coup and cited Stolting's staggering rise in popularity amongst Kentucky's crucial white trash community as proof. Stolting is even drawing praise from his detractors who are all but conceding his upcoming re-election. One such critic had this to say, "His administration in Kentucky has seen massive corruption and a state wide illiteracy rate of over 85%. But with this official mullet thing, ooooo-weeee he's been good for this state."
Above: Even Stolting's critics respect his cosmetological stance.

Actual Mullet "bagged" by Web Dog in Northern Virginia, October 2002.  Location, Waterford, VA
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Front Page Archive January 31, 2003
"Secrets of Aspen".......
Enter the winter wonderland where the rich and famous come to ski, be seen and get away. Learn all the secrets of Aspen's world class skiing and get an exclusive look at the private clubs, hotels and ultimate parties that cater to A-list celebrities.

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Feb 06 2003
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Feb 07 2003
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Feb 09 2003
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.......Being shown on the Travel Channel.  Could any Ski Dogs be snooping around in this documentary?????
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