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United Stock (UAL) Drops 67% 12/5
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Ski Dogs Front Page December 15, 2002
Ski Dog Front Page December 25, 2002
The world's toughest endurance ski race

Ski Dog Photos
Catch the event on ESPN!
Sunday, January 12
6:00 PM (EST)
Competitors race continuously down Aspen Mountain for 24 hours at speeds of over 90 m.p.h., resting only for the 15-

minute gondola ride back to the top. Instead of 2-member teams as in past years, a new format puts 16 solo racers in contention for $25,000 in prize money. Don't miss the action from Aspen/Snowmass this Sunday on ESPN! 

this Sunday on ESPN! The one-hour documentary highlights the speed and drama of the 14th Annual Audi 24 Hours of Aspen.

Speaking of Aspen Snowmass...
the snow conditions are fantastic! Get a full snow report and check out live web cams.

See you on the slopes!

New Defribulator keeps Strom "Ticking"...

Most news reports centered on Trent Lott's verbal miscues as the main "fireworks" at Strom Thurman's recent 100th birthday party;

However the truly most remarkable story was on the innovative defribulator that actually kept Strom in the party.....
How to tell if you ass is too smalll!
United Stock (UAL) Drops 67% 12/5
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